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Selasa, 04 Februari 2014

Contoh Cerita Narrative kelas 9A,B,C SMP N1 Pasirjambu, dan Kelas 9 D,E MTs. Darul Ihsan YUPPI

Dengan luas narrative text bila disimpulkan yaitu :
A text which contains about story ( fiction/non fiction/tales/folktales/fables/myths/epic ) and its plot consists of climax of the story ( complication ) then followed by the resolution. A narrative text is a text amuse, entertain and deal with actual or vicarious experience in different ways.
Berarti :
Teks yang diisi perihal cerita ( fiksi / non fiksi / dongeng / cerita rakyat / dongeng / mitos / epik ) serta plot yang terdiri dari klimaks cerita ( komplikasi ) lantas diikuti oleh resolusi. Sesuatu teks naratif yaitu teks yang menghibur, menghibur serta berurusan dengan pengalaman nyata atau perwakilan lewat cara yang tidak sama.

1. Generic structure :
Orientation : diisi pengenalan tokoh, area serta waktu berlangsungnya cerita ( siapa atau apa, kapan serta di mana )
Complication : diisi puncak konflik/masalah didalam cerita. Sesuatu cerita bisa mempunyai complication kian lebih satu.
Resolution : pemecahan problem. Dapat berakhir dengan keceriaan ( happy ending ) dapat juga berakhir dengan rasa sedih ( sad ending ).
Catatan :
Kadang-kadang juga susunannya ( generic structure ) : orientation, complication, evaluation, resolution serta reorientation. Untuk “evaluation” serta “reorientation” adalah optional ; dapat ada dapat tidak. Evaluation diisi penilaian/evaluasi pada jalannya cerita atau konflik. Namun reorientation diisi penyimpulan isi akhir cerita.

2. Grammatical features menggunakan tenses “past”

3. Kerap menggunakan kata penghubung waktu ( temporal conjunction ), contohnya : once upon a time, one day, long time ago, …

Narrative text yaitu teks yang berisi adalah cerita atau cerita perihal suatu hal. Contoh narrative text : cerita rakyat ( folktale ), cerita binatang ( fable ), legenda ( legend ), cerita pendek ( short story ), serta sejenisnya. Didalamnya ada konflik/puncak problem yang diikuti dengan penyelesaian. Manfaat utama teks ini yaitu untuk berkisah atau menghibur pembaca.

Contoh narrative text :
Ali baba
Once upon a time there were 40 cruel thieves who put their stolen money and treasures in a cave. They went in the cave by saying ”open sesame” to the cave entrance. A poor person, named ali baba saw them while they were doing that, so he heard the opening word. After they left, he went toward the cave and opened it. Suddenly he found a very large quantity of money and golden treasures. He took some of it and went back home. After that he became a rich man and his brother wanted to know how he became rich.
Ali baba turned into the richest man in his village. His evil brother was really jealous of him, and wanted to know how he could get such a lot of money. Therefore, when ali baba went to the cave again to take some more money, his brother followed him. He saw everything, and decided to go back the next day to take some money for himself. The next morning he found a lot of money in the cave, and he wanted to take all of them. Unfortunately, when he was busy carrying the money to his house, the thieves came. The boss of the thieves asked him how he knew about the cave. He told everything, but unluckily they killed him and went to ali baba’s house.
After finding ali baba’s house, they made a plan to kill him the following night. Some of the thieves hid in big jars, and the boss pretended that he was a merchant who wanted to sell the jars to ali baba. Ali baba who was a kind man invited the boss of the thief to have lunch together.
After lunch they took a rest. Luckily, the house maid went out of the house, and found that there were thieves inside the jars. She finally boiled hot oil and poured it into the jars to kill all of them. The boss of the thieves was caught, and put into prison.
Ali baba was saved from the danger, and he finally lived happily ever after with his maid who became his wife shortly after.

Golden eggs
Long time ago a remote village, in central china was inhabited mainly with farmers and hunters. One day, a poor farmer lost his entire livestock to flood. He prayed hard to god for help or his family would die of starvation. Few days later, an old man with long grey beard, passed by his house took pity on him. He gave him a goose and said “ i don’t have any expensive thing to give you and hope this goose will help you to ease your hardship. ” a week later to almost kejutan the farmer found and egg in his yard. This was no ordinary egg. It was a golden egg. He was suddenly overcome with joy. Thereafter, his livelihood had rapidly improved but the farmer had forgotten his earlier hardship. He became lazy, arrogant and spendthrift. Strangely, the goose only laid one golden egg every six months. The greedy farmer lost his patient and slaughtered his goose thinking there were plenty of golden eggs inside its stomach. Though he very much regretted for his foolishness, it’s already too late. **

Once upon a time, there was a puppeteer named geppetto. He very wished a boy however his wife has also been died for a protracted time ago. In some unspecified time in the future, he had an plan. He wished to actually build a puppet thus he would never felt lonely once more. He designed a puppet all night while not resting. Within the whole morning, finally he finished his work. He named the puppet, pinocchio. He played whole day with pinocchio. Though, he felt lonely once more as a result of pinocchio couldnt talk or walk by himself. In the midst as to the night, geppetto prayed to actually the god. His wish was pinocchio became a real boy, human. He thought it on his mind during dream.

In consecutive morning, he surprised. Pinocchio was alive. He very was happy. He powerful pinocchio how to steer, how to actually speak, how to learn to read etc. Just like a teacher. Pinocchio learned fast. He entered an elementary college. In some unspecified time in the future, pinocchio felt bored. Thus, he went home late. Geppetto worried concerning him. When pinocchio came to actually home, geppetto asked him. He aforementioned he was on college however he didnt. Suddenly, pinocchios nose grow longer. It meant that pinocchio lied.

Consecutive day, pinocchio got caught by thieves. The thieves was the owner of circus. Pinocchio became a slave regarding the circus. He was famous as a result of he was a talking puppet. Geppetto worried him. Pinocchio didnt return home for two days. He found pinocchio everywhere. When he discovered the ocean, big wave smashed him. He was on whales stomach when he awoke. He couldnt find the method out.
In numerous place, pinocchio finally might get out from circus. He visited home however geppetto wasnt on there. He found geppetto at ocean. He had a similar accident like geppetto. He met geppetto in whales stomach. They actually got out from its stomach by designed a fire.
They actually went home back along. In finished, they actually lived happy forever after.

A lane going in the hill
It had been a significant rainstorm in kampung sepang. Jabri and halil had barely finished their dinner along at jabri’s house. They actually were sitting within the whole living room for low and conversation, hoping, the rain would stop soon.

It was eventually half past eleven at night and also the downpour was showing no signs for stopping. “it appearance like you’ll be required to spent the night here, halil. ” aforementioned jabri “no method, ” halil aforementioned, “i’ve to remain at work early tomorrow morning. ”

Many moment later halil got straight into the car, started the engine, and aforementioned sensible night to actually jibri. One thing told him that he shouldn’t have turned over the lane going in the hill, however it was eventually the shortest method home. He knew that lane. It run across an recent chinese cemetery. There have been no lights, no cars, no individuals, barely halil and his recent car.

All associated with a sudden, a white form appeared in the midst as to the lane. Halil shone his beam of light-weight for the reason that direction. The white form turned to actually halil. He saw a two of crimson eyes staring at him. It was eventually a-long-haired girl in a protracted white dress. She grinned at halil.

Quickly, halil felt his blood frozen. His heartbeat stopped. His mouth opened however he was speechless. His eyes opened widely in terror.

Suddenly consciousness came into his mind. He quickly reserved his car and sped away barely in time.

“i suppose i’ll take raise provide to invest the night here of course, ” halil told jabri with his legs trembling.

Kamis, 12 September 2013

General Clasification
The white pelican is one of the most successful fish-eating birds.

(Pelican putih adalah salah satu burung pemakan ikan paling berhasil.)

The success is largely due to its command hunting behaviour. A group, perhaps two dozen birds, will gather in a curved arc some distance offshore. The birds then begin to move forward towards the shore, beating the water furiously with their wings, driving the fish before them.

(Keberhasilan ini terutama disebabkan oleh perintah perilaku berburu mereka. Sebuah kelompok, mungkin terdiri dari dua lusin burung, akan berkumpul membentuk busur melengkung beberapa jarak dari lepas pantai. Burung-burung tersebut kemudian mulai bergerak maju menuju pantai, mengalahkan air laut yang ganas dengan sayap mereka, mengarahkan ikan di depan mereka.)
When the water is shallow enough for the birds to reach the fish, the formation breaks up as each bird dips its bill into the water to scoop up its meal. As the bird lifts its head, the water drains from its bill leaving the fish which are then swallowed. Pelicans are among the oldest group of birds, Fossils of this genus have been found dating back 40 million years.

Contoh Recount Text : Pangandaran Beach

The tour to Pangandaran Beach started on holiday last semester. We decided to go to Pangandaran Beach by our motorbike. That was very interesting tour. Riding a motorbike from my hometown, Cirebon, to Pangandaran Beach with my best friends made me feel exited.
The tour to Pangandaran Beach began at 09.00 a.m. in the morning and it took 5 hours riding to Pangandaran Beach. There were so many story that my friends and I got when we were in the tour such as there was my friend who got lost, ran out of fuel in the middle of jungle, and so forth. But it was interesting, because it was the first moment that I ever had in touring.

We arrived at Pangandaran Beach at 02.00 p.m. and we stright to move to the beach. At beach we just lied down there to stretch our muscle because of 5 hours riding. We also had a lunch there by eating some foods that we brought from Cirebon. That was very nice moment when we shared our own food to others.

After we had enough rest, we began to explore Pangandaran Beach. Started by exploring the beach, and the sea using rented boat. Then we went to dive by renting some diving equipment. We could see many coral there. We just had 2 hours to enjoy Pangandaran Beach because we had to come back to Cirebon.

We came back to Cirebon at 04.00 p.m. It was imposible to ride in the night, so we just decided to stay over in our friend house in Ciamis and we started to come back in the morning. That was very nice experience that I and my friends ever had. We would never forget that moment.

Contoh Spoof Text

This text "The zoo Job" is best categorized as a spoof text. Why? Let's find the answer. A text with generic structure Orientation, Events, and Twist is called SPOOF TEXT in English genres. Contoh text spoof pasti di akhiri dengan sebuah peristiwa atau plot cerita yang tak terduga bagi pembaca. Hal yang tak teduga inilah yang kita namakan dengan twist dalam sebuah text spoof. Now let's the following example of spoof text! The Zoo Job Story
Contoh spoof text-the zoo job
Apa sebenarnya yang terjadi di kebun binatang?
One day a clown was visiting the zoo and attempted to earn some money by making a street performance. He acted and mimed perfectly some animal acts. As soon as he started to drive a crowd, a zoo keeper grabbed him and dragged him into his office. The zoo keeper explained to the clown that the zoo's most popular gorilla had died suddenly and the keeper was fear that attendance at the zoo would fall off. So he offered the clown a job to dress up as the gorilla until the zoo could get another one. The clown accepted this great opportunity.
So the next morning the clown put on the gorilla suit and entered the cage before the crowd came. He felt that it was a great job. He could sleep all he wanted, played and made fun of people and he drove bigger crowds than he ever did as a clown. He pretended the gorilla successfully.
However, eventually the crowds were tired of him for just swinging on tires. He began to notice that the people were paying more attention to the lion in the next cage. Not wanting to lose the attention of his audience, he decided to make a spectacular performance. He climbed to the top of his cage, crawled across a partition, and dangled from the top to the lion's cage. Of course, this made the lion furious, but the crowd people loved it.
At the end of the day the zoo keeper came and gave him a raise for being such a good attraction. Well, this went on for some time, he kept taunting the lion, the audience crowd grew a larger, and his salary kept going up. Then one terrible day happened. When he was dangling over the furious lion, he slipped and fell into the lion cage. The clown was really in big terrible situation. He was terrified.
Sooner the lion gathered itself and prepared to pounce. The clown was so scared. He could do nothing and he began to run round and round the cage with the lion close and closer behind. Finally, the lion could catch him. The clown started screaming and yelling, "Help me, help me!", but the lion was quick and pounces. The clown soon found himself flat on his back looking up at the angry lion and suddenly he heard a voice from the lion’s mouth;"Shut up you idiot! Do you want to get us both fired?".

Menarik sekali bukan membaca contoh text spoof bahasa Inggris? disamping kita bisa belajar bahasa Inggris itu sendiri, kita juga bisa merasa senang, tersenyum, sekaligus merasa terkeco dengan keahlian penulis memilih plot cerita nya That is the power of twis in any spoof texts.

Sabtu, 17 September 2011

Cara asyik belajar Bahasa Inggris

Cepat Belajar Bahasa Inggris

Cara Belajar Bahasa Inggris
Cara Belajar Bahasa Inggris
1.Mengambil kursus pendek: Sejumlah kursus-kursus bahasa sekarang tersedia di mana-mana, di universitas atau perguruan tinggi lokal. Internet demikian juga banyak yang memberi layanan kursus bahasa asing. Silakan ketik kata kunci seperti: learning English, atau belajar Bahasa Inggris online, kursus bahasa Inggris, dsb. Nah, ambillah kursus bahasa Inggris ini untuk memulai usaha anda.
2.Mimicking: “Mom, he’s mocking me!” “Ibu, ia sedang mengejek aku!” Pernahkah anda mendengar keluhan ini bila setelah adikmu yang paling kecil menirukan dari orang lain? Seseorang menirukan kata, bunyi – dalam pidato, termasuk segala aksi panggung. Itu disebut mimicking dan cara itu sangat efektif bagi anda untuk belajar speaking. Jangan cemas jika hasilnya belum sempurna. Anda akan belajar dengan berbahasa Inggris dengan lidah dan Terjemah Inggris Indonesia. Anda akan memperoleh kecepatan dan menenangkan cara ini dengan praktek langsung. Anda akan melakukan lebih cepat dibanding yang anda kira.
3.Membaca Dengan Suara Keras: Salah satu terik belajar bahasa Inggris membaca dengan keras. Bacalah teks-teks bahasa Inggris dengan suara keras. Teknik tangguh ini tidak hanya mengembangkan ketrampilan-ketrampilan pengucapan kata-kata, berperan untuk meningkatan keterampilan mendengarkan, tatabahasa dan kosa kata juga. Pelajarilah bahasa Inggris dengan membaca dan Terjemah Bahasa.
4. Menonton Film Barat: Jika Anda suka menonton, cobalah menonton film-film barat yang belum di translate ke bahasa kita.  Banyak stasiun TV yang menyiarkan acaranya dengan menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Nah Anda bisa belajar bahasa Inggris dan Terjemah Inggris Indonesia dari menonton film atau TV tersebut.
5.Mendengarkan Musik Barat: Mendengar musik barat merupakan tips dan trik belajar bahasa Inggris yang menyenangkan dan Terjemah Bahasa Inggris.  Pilihlah lagu dengan syair yang mudah dan dinyanyikan dengan tempo yang lebih lambat. Anda juga bisa melakukan dengan karaoke bersama teman atau keluarga. Dengan bantuan internet, bahkan, anda dapat mencari lagu-lagu bahasa Inggris secara online dan Terjemah Bahasa. Di internet anda dapat mnemukan ratusan bahkan ribuan nyanyian online
6.Membaca: Berhenti di perpustakaan untuk meminjam buku-buku tata bahasa dan materi belajar bahasa Inggris serta Terjemah Bahasa Inggris. Tatabahasa merupakan pemandu yang baik dalam belajar bahasa Inggris. Dan membaca secara umum merupakan modal awal belajar bahasa Inggris. Membacalah artikel bahasa Inggris dan Terjemah Bahasa Inggris sebanyak mungkin, dan anda akan menuai hasilnya.
Membaca juga bisa dipahami sebagai memahami orang lain. Pergilah ke tempat-tempat yang banyak dikunjungi oleh para penutur bahasa Inggris dan Terjemah Inggris, seperti di restaurant, supermarket, tempat wisata, forum chatting, klub bahasa Inggris, atau ke mana saja, yang memungkinkan anda dapat berbicara dan mempraktekkan bahasa Inggris anda.

Jenis Teks dalam Bahasa Inggris

Hai sobat lama tak jumpa, pada kesempatan ini saya akan membahas tentang Social function,Generic structure dan Language features dari 12 Genre, yaitu Procedure, Recount, Narrative, Description, News Item, Report, Analytical Exposition, Spoof, Hortatory Exposition, Explanation,Discussion dan Review


Social function Procedure: To help us do a task or make something. They can be a set of instructions or directions.
Text organization:
1. Goals ( the final purpose of doing the instruction)
2. Materials ( ingredients, utensils, equipment to do the instructions)
3. Steps ( a set of instruction to achieve the final purpose)
Language features :
  • Use of imperative ( Cut…….., Don’t mix……..)
  • Use of action verbs (turn, put)
  • Use of connectives(first, then, finally)


Social function recount: To tell the readers what happened in the past through a sequence of events.
Generic Structure of Recount:
  1. Orientation ( who were involved, when and where was it happened)
  2. Events ( tell what happened in a chronological order)
  3. Re-orientation ( optional – closure of events)
Language features Recount:
  • Use of pronouns and nouns ( David, he, she)
  • Use of action verbs in past (went, studied)
  • Use of past tense ( We went for a trip to the zoo)
  • Use of adverbial phrases
  • Use of adjectives


Social function narrative: To amuse or entertain the readers with actual or imaginary experience in different ways. Narrative always deals with some problems which lead to the climax and then turn into a solution to the problem.
Generic Structure Narrative:
  1. Orientation ( who was involved, when and where was it happened)
  2. Complication ( a problem arises and followed by other problems)
  3. Resolution ( provide solution to the problem)
Language features Narrative:
  • Use of noun phrases ( a beautiful princess, a huge temple)
  • Use of adverbial phrases of time and place ( in the garden, two days ago)
  • Use of simple past tense ( He walked away from the village)
  • Use of action verbs ( walked, slept)
  • Use of adjectives phrases ( long black hair)


Social Function descriptive: To describe a particular person, place or thing.
Generic Structure descriptive:
  1. Identification (identify phenomenon to be described)
  2. Description (describe parts, qualities, characteristics)
Language features descriptive:
  • Focus on specific participants
  • Use of attributive and identifying processes
  • Frequent use classifiers in nominal groups.
  • Use of the Simple Present Tense


Social function news item: To inform readers or listeners about events of the day which are considered newsworthy or important.
Generic structure news item:
  1. News worthy event ( tells the event in a summary form)
  2. Background events ( elaborate what happened, tell what caused the incident)
  3. Sources ( comments by participants, witnesses, authorities and experts involved in the event)
Language features news item:
  • Information on the use of head lines.
  • Use of action verbs( hit, attack)
  • Use of saying verbs( said, added, claimed)
  • Use of passive sentences ( Aceh was hit by Tsunami in 2004)
  • Use of adverbs in passive sentences (The victims were badly injured)


Social function report: To describe the way things are (for example: a man -made thing, animals, plants). The things must be a representative of their class.
Text organization report:
  1. General classification (introduces the topic of the report/tells what phenomenon under discussion is.)
  2. Description (tell the details of topic such as physical appearance, parts, qualities, habits/behaviour).
Language features report:
  • Use of general nouns ( Whales, Kangaroo, Computer)
  • Use of present tense(Komodo dragons usually weigh more than 160 kg)
  • Use of behavioural verbs (Snakes often sunbathe in the sun)
  • Use of technical terms ( Water contains oxygen and hydrogen)
  • Use of relating verbs (is, are, has)


Social function analytical exposition: To persuade the readers or the listeners that something in the case, to analyze or to explain.
Generic Structure analytical exposition:
  1. Thesis (usually includes a preview argument. It introduces topics and indicates the writer’s position)
  2. Arguments (consists of a point and elaboration sequence. The number of points may vary, but each must be supported by discussion and evidence)
  3. Reiteration (restates the position more forcefully in the light of the arguments presented)
Language features analytical exposition:
  • Emotive words such as : alarmed, worried.
  • Words that qualify statements such as: usual probably
  • Words that link arguments such as: firstly, however, on the other hand, therefore.
  • Usually present tense
  • Compound and complex sentences


Social function spoof: To tell an event with a humorous twist.
Generic structure spoof text:
  1. Orientation (who were involved, when and where was happened)
  2. Events ( tell what happened in a chronological order)
  3. Twist (provide the funniest part of the story)
Language features spoof:
  • Use of connectives (first, then, finally)
  • Use of adverbial phrases of time and place (in the garden, two days ago)
  • Use of simple past tense (he walked away from the village)


Social function hortatory exposition: To persuade the readers or the listeners that something should or should not be the case.
Generic structure hortatory exposition:
  1. Thesis ( stating an issue of concern)
  2. Arguments ( giving reasons for concern, leading recommendation)
  3. Recommendation (stating what ought or ought not to happen)
Language features hortatory exposition:
  • Emotive words: alarmed, worried
  • Words that qualify statements: usual probably
  • Words that link arguments: firstly, however, on the other hand, therefore
  • Usually present tense
  • Compound and complex sentences
  • Modal auxiliary: can, may, should, must


Social function explanation: To explain the process involved in the formation or working of natural or socio cultural phenomena
Generic structure explanation:
  1. A general statement to position the reader
  2. A sequenced explanation of why or how something occurs
  3. Closing
Language features explanation:
  • Focus on generic, non-human participants.
  • Use mainly of general and abstract nouns, action verbs, simple present tense, passive voice, conjunction of time and cause, noun phrases, complex sentences, and technical language.


Social function discussion: To present information and opinions about more than one side of an issue (“for” points “against” points)
Generic structure discussion:
  1. Opening statement presenting the issue
  2. Arguments or evidence for different points of view ( pros and cons)
  3. Concluding recommendation
Language features discussion:
  • Use of general nouns: alcohol, abortion, smoking, etc.
  • Use of relating verbs: is, are, etc.
  • Use of thinking verbs: think, feel, hope believe, etc.
  • Use of additive connectives: addition, furthermore, besides, etc.
  • Use of contrastive connectives: although, even, if, nevertheless, etc.
  • Use of causal connectives: because, because of, etc.
  • Use of modal auxiliary: must, should, etc.
  • Use of adverbial manner: hopefully.


Social function review: To critique an art work or event for a public audience
Generic structure review:
  1. Orientation ( background information on the text)
  2. Evaluation ( concluding statement : judgment, opinion, or recommendation. It can consist of more than one.
  3. Interpretative Recount ( summary of an art works including characters and plot).
  4. Evaluative summation: the last opinion consisting the appraisal or the punch line of the art works being criticized.
Language features review:
  • Focus on specific participants
  • Use of adjectives
  • Use of long and complex clauses
  • Use of metaphor
  • Reviews are used to summarize, analyze and respond to art works. They may include: movie, TV shows, books, plays, concerts, etc.

Kamis, 15 September 2011

Dahsyat ...... ! Manfaat coklat untuk remaja .....!!!!!

Siapa yang tidak mengenal coklat? Mendengar kata Coklat saja sudah terbayang lezat rasanya, begitu manis dan legit. Eit, ..... jangan tergiur dulu dengan rasanya, karena ternyata dibalik rasa yang lezat tersimpan segudang manfaat untuk kita apalagi dikalangan remaja. Berdasarkan penelitian caklat sangant bermanfaat :
  • Dapat menurunkan resiko serangan jantung
  • Dapat meningkatkan daya konsentrasi otak, sehaingga untuk pelajaran bisa diserap dengan baik
  • Dapat menurunkan tekanan darah dan menurunkan resistensi insulin
  • Dapat memperbaiki sirkulasi darah arteri
demikianlah sekelumit manfaat coklat untuk para remaja, maka dengan mengkonsumsi coklat setiap hari betapa beruntungnya tubuh kita karena dimasuki zat yang begitu penting untuk tubuh kita. Sayangilah tubuhmu dengan memberi asupan yang bermanfaat, sehingga kalau kita sehat semua terasa sangat menyenangkan. Kandungan yang harus kalian ketahuai dari coklat adalah : setiap 100 gram coklat mengandung sebanyak 150 kalori, Waaaaaaaw ......... fantastis bukan.Jadi mulai hari ini biasakanlah menkonsumsi coklat!!! Semoga sukses. Keep your healt!